Fafrees F20 PRO: review, specifications, and more

The Fafrees F20 Pro continues the tradition of the F20 series with its low-step frame design and wide 3.0-inch tires.

This U-shaped frame not only provides comfort for getting on and off the bike but also makes assembly and disassembly a breeze.

Furthermore, the Fafrees F20 Pro features an upgraded 18 Ah battery, making it one of the foldable electric bikes with the longest range among Chinese electric bikes.

In this review, we will delve into all its features and specifications in detail, considering its performance and how it differs from the regular Fafrees F20.

⌦ Fafrees F20 Pro – Specifications

Brand Fafrees
Model F20 Pro
Year 2022
Type Folding urban
  • Unfolded: 174 x 60 x 118 cm (length x width x height)
  • Folded: 88 x 38 x 70 cm
Wheels 20 x 3.0″
Weight 25.5 kg
Motor 250W DC36V
Torque 40 Nm
Battery Lithium 18 Ah 36V
  • Pure electric: 43.5 to 55.9 miles per charge
  • Assisted pedaling: 74.6 to 93.2 miles per charge
Charging time 7 – 8 hours
Max speed 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Display LCD S866
Frame Aluminum alloy
Transmission Shimano 7-speed
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes on both wheels
Suspension Front suspension with lockout
Accessories LED headlights, finger throttle, folding pedals
Max slope 35º
Max load 308 lbs (140 kg)
Price ~ $900

⌦ Design and features

At first glance, the Fafrees F20 Pro stands out with its eye-catching and colorful design, featuring wide tires and alloy rims.

Also, the chameleon-like paint with metallic flakes is worth mentioning, as it reacts surprisingly to sunlight, displaying a variety of dazzling colors.

This design is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. Let’s examine each of its parts separately:

⧪ Frame and materials

The Fafrees F20 Pro has a distinctive U-shaped frame, making it comfortable and accessible to anyone.

It is made of aluminum alloy and is fully foldable, making it easy to transport and store.

The total weight of the bike with this frame is approximately 56.2 lbs, which is quite reasonable considering the large 18 Ah battery, extra-wide tires, and rear rack.

It is also available in more than 5 different color combinations, some of which are truly eye-catching.

Special mention should be made of the plug-and-play wiring system of this frame, which allows for easy maintenance or repair of all electrical components.

Fafrees F20 Pro frame

⧪ Brakes and transmission

This e-bike also features a 7-speed gear system from Shimano. It’s a basic but effective and easy-to-maintain Tourney model.

The brakes, on the other hand, are disc brakes on both wheels, with a size of 160 mm, and they are actuated mechanically.

The brake levers incorporate sensors that disconnect the electrical system when activated, allowing the bike to stop quickly and safely.

Fafrees F20 Pro brakes and transmission

⧪ Suspension and tires

The Fafrees F20 Pro offers great comfort thanks to its oil suspension fork with a travel of 2.95 inches (75 mm).

This fork also has a lockout system, allowing you to adjust it based on your weight and the terrain you are riding on.

The tires, on the other hand, are 20 x 3.0″, increasing the contact surface with the ground, improving traction, and stability on different terrains.

You could say that this electric bike can be practically considered a FAT bike, with the advantage that its 3.0″ width will weigh less than the standard 4.0″ tires.

Fafrees F20 Pro suspension and tires

⧪ Comfort and accessories

The low-step design of this e-bike, along with adjustable handlebars and seat, makes it suitable for both children and adults with a height of 5’3″ to 6’5″ and a maximum load of 308 lbs.

On the handlebar, apart from the gear shift, you’ll find a comprehensive LCD display, a finger throttle, and a manual bell.

The LCD screen displays important information such as speed, battery level, and distance traveled.

It also has a walk-assist mode and a cruise control function, making cycling even more comfortable and enjoyable.

As for lighting, the Fafrees F20 Pro is equipped with a bright LED headlight and a rear brake light to ensure your safety during nighttime rides.

Other noteworthy accessories include the aluminum rear rack and folding pedals, further enhancing the portability of an already very portable e-bike.

Fafrees F20 Pro accessories

⌦ Performance: engine and battery

In terms of performance, the Fafrees F20 Pro excels in power, but above all, it stands out in range, thanks to its massive battery.

⧪ Power and speed

Located in the rear hub, the motor of this e-bike is capable of providing 250W of power with peaks reaching up to 450W.

This translates to a substantial maximum torque of 40 Nm, sufficient for climbing slopes of up to 35 degrees.

For legal reasons, the declared maximum speed of this electric bicycle is 25 km/h, although it can easily reach 35 km/h in terms of power.

⧪ Battery and range

The F20 uses an advanced automotive-grade 21700 lithium battery with a capacity of 18 Ah, which provides it with astonishing autonomy.Fafrees F20 Pro Battery

With a single charge, this bicycle can cover up to 90 miles with pure electric assistance and between 120 and 150 miles with different assistance modes.

These values cannot be taken literally because various factors influence them, such as terrain characteristics, rider weight, etc.

However, with its 18 Ah capacity, this is one of the largest batteries seen in this type of electric bicycles, ensuring a long range.

⧪ Assistance modes

The Fafrees F20 Pro offers various pedal assistance options to adapt to different scenarios and rider preferences:

  • Manual Mode: Without motor assistance, it operates like a conventional bicycle, ideal for exercise or saving battery on long trips.
  • Pedal Assist Mode, which is divided into:
    • Level 1: Provides assistance up to approximately 15 mph. Optimal for flat terrain and moderate exercise.
    • Level 2: Equivalent to assistance at 20 mph. Ideal for achieving good speed while still exercising.
    • Level 3: Assists up to 25 mph. It’s almost unnecessary to pedal to move forward.
  • Pure Electric Mode: The bicycle moves without pedaling, using the throttle, similar to an electric motorcycle. Perfect for short trips or when resting is desired.

Furthermore, the F20 Pro allows for adjusting various parameters through its LCD screen, such as constant cruise speed, to further fine-tune the desired level of support.

⌦ Fafrees F20 Pro Manual

Below is the manual for this electric bicycle with precise assembly and operation instructions:

⌦ Fafrees F20 Pro vs. Fafrees F20

Although they may appear identical, there are several differences that justify the price increase between the F20 and the F20 Pro. These include:

Battery: The F20 Pro features an 18 Ah battery compared to the Fafrees F20’s 16 Ah battery.

This additional capacity in the Fafrees F20 Pro allows for an increase in range of about 10 miles in electric-only mode and up to 30 miles with assistance.

In electric mode, it goes from 60-80 miles in the regular F20 to 70-90 miles in the F20 Pro, and in assisted mode, it goes from 100-120 miles to 120-150 miles.

Fork: The suspension fork of the F20 Pro comes with a locking system that allows you to adjust it or keep it fixed, making it slightly superior to the regular F20, which lacks this feature.

Finishes and Models: The finishes on the Pro model are superior, with seats and grips that mimic leather and glossy paint with metallic flakes.

Additionally, there are more color variants available for the F20 Pro that are not found in the regular model.
Fafrees F20 Pro vs Fafrees F20

⌦ Advantages and disadvantages

Next, we will highlight the key advantages and main disadvantages of this folding electric bicycle:

Ergonomic U-shaped design No central suspension
Long range (18 Ah battery) Price
Semi-fat 20 x 3.0″ tires
Front suspension with lockout

The Fafrees F20 Pro establishes itself as an intriguing proposition in the folding electric bicycle market, combining an attractive design and features that prioritize user comfort and accessibility.

Its distinctive U-shaped frame and semi-fat 20 x 3.0″ tires not only enhance its aesthetics but also provide a stable and enjoyable riding experience on various terrains.

The 18 Ah battery is undoubtedly one of its strengths, offering significantly greater autonomy compared to close competitors.

However, despite its virtues, we cannot overlook areas for improvement, such as the inclusion of central suspension, which would make it even more versatile and manageable.

Furthermore, the price could be a barrier for some users, although given its robustness and range capacity, the F20 Pro stands as a solid and reliable investment.

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