Lafly X3: review and specifications

modelos de lafly x3

The Lafly X3 emerges as an innovative addition to the market of Chinese electric bikes, combining portability and durability in a foldable design.

With full suspension and 26″ wheels, this electric mountain bike is a versatile choice for those seeking comfort and performance on various terrains.

Moreover, thanks to its various motor and battery specifications, this Lafly X3 promises to adapt to different riding needs and preferences.

In this post, we will explore all its features and specifications and analyze its performance to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

⌦ Lafly X3 – Specifications

Brand Lafly
Model X3
Year 2021
Type Foldable MTB
  • Unfolded: 180 x 65 x 102 cm
  • Folded: 60 x 65 x 85 cm
Wheels 26″ x 1.95
Weight 25 kg
Motor 250W / 500W / 1000W DC48V
Torque 60 Nm
Battery 14.5AH / 17.5AH Lithium DC48V
  • 14.5AH: 50-80 km per charge
  • 17.5AH: 60-90 km per charge
Max Speed 20-25 km/h (250W) / 50 km/h (1000W)
Display LCD S866
Frame Aluminum
Transmission Shimano 21 speeds
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels
Suspension Front (with manual lockout) and central
Accessories Front LED light, phone holder, foldable pedals
Price From €868 to €1198

⌦ Design and features

The Lafly X3 is a foldable electric mountain bike designed to be comfortable, portable, and high-performing.

With a 26-inch aluminum frame and suspension, this e-bike is sturdy enough to handle various terrains, while its foldable capability makes it easy to transport and store.

But what sets it apart from the competition? Let’s take a closer look at its features.lafly x3 folded

⧪ Frame / Suspension

The frame of this electric bike is constructed with a 26-inch four-link aluminum alloy.
This design provides durability and strength, which is essential when tackling challenging terrains.

Additionally, it is equipped with central suspension, making the bike suitable for mountain trails, rough terrain, and various riding conditions.

The front fork also has suspension and mechanical lockout. This provides greater stability and control when riding on uneven terrain.

The mechanical lockout allows the rider to adjust the suspension stiffness to suit road conditions, adding versatility to the bike.

Lafly X3 on the mountain

⧪ Brakes / Transmission

The Lafly X3 comes equipped with a 21-speed Shimano transmission system (7 gears and 3 chainrings), ensuring a wide range of speed options.

Whether you’re climbing a steep hill or gliding on flat terrain, the multiple speeds allow you to adjust resistance and speed with ease.

This is highly useful for adapting each pedal stroke to the power generated by the motor, achieving the most efficient combination of raw power and electric energy.

As for the brakes, both are hydraulic disc brakes, providing greater control over braking with less effort.

⧪ The wheels

As a good mountain bike, the Lafly X3 features large 26-inch wheels. This allows it to navigate rough terrain more easily.

The width of these wheels with the stock tire is 1.95 inches. They are not particularly wide, possibly to reduce ground friction and save energy.

In any case, the alloy rims of this e-bike can accommodate tires up to 2.20 inches in width if you need greater width.

⧪ Components and additional accessories

Regarding equipment, the Lafly X3 e-bike comes with a series of components and accessories that enhance its comfort and versatility.

On one hand, the LCD display provides essential information such as speed, distance, and battery charge level, keeping you informed while you ride.

On the other hand, there’s an electric horn, LED lighting system, throttle on the handlebar, and cruise control, adding convenience and safety to your journey.

Special attention is also given to the foldable aluminum alloy pedals, which make it easier to transport and store the bike when it’s not in use.

Another useful feature of this e-bike is the handlebar phone holder, so you can keep your phone visible while riding.

accesorios lafly x3

⌦ Performance: motor and battery

If there’s something that distinguishes the X3 model from Lafly, it’s its performance capability, and this is thanks to its various motor and battery options. Let’s see what they are:

⧪ Motor and performance

One of the standout features of this electric bike is its powerful brushless motor, which can be acquired in various versions, depending on the desired power.

You can find it with 250W, 500W, and 1000W, all at 48V, so you’ll get good assistance in any configuration.

These motors provide an additional boost that makes it easier to climb steep hills and accelerate on flat terrain.

Furthermore, the brushless motor is known for its efficiency and durability, meaning you can expect a long lifespan without constant maintenance worries.

In terms of performance, the Lafly X3 has a torque of 60 Nm, providing quick acceleration and excellent hill-climbing ability.

The maximum speed varies depending on the motor model. With the 250W motor, you can reach speeds of 20-25 km/h, perfect for urban use.

Also, to comply with the regulatory restrictions in most European countries, where power and maximum speed are limited to 250W and 25 km/h, respectively.

On the other hand, with the 1000W motor, you can experience thrilling speeds of 45-55 km/h, making it the ideal choice for off-road adventures.

⧪ Battery and range

The battery of this e-bike is a lithium-ion with 18650 cells and comes in two capacities depending on the selected model.

In the basic model, there’s a 14.5 Ah battery, sufficient for traveling between 50 and 80 km depending on the chosen assistance mode.

With the larger battery option, capacity increases to 17.5 Ah, and the range extends to 60 – 90 km depending on how much you use the motor.

Keep in mind that a larger battery not only increases the bike’s price but also its weight.

In conclusion, if your use of this e-bike will be mainly urban or mixed, a 250W motor and a 14.5 Ah battery are likely sufficient.

However, if you don’t want to pedal much and are looking for a more motorcycle-like experience, with 1000W and 17.5 Ah, you can make more extensive use of the throttle.

⌦ Lafly X3 Manual

The LCD screen that controls the functions of this e-bike is the S866 model. You can download its manual below:

⌦ Price and opinion

The Lafly X3 is positioned in the market with a price range ranging from €868 to €1198, depending on the choice of battery and motor.

This price range makes it a competitive and affordable option, especially for those seeking a blend of performance and comfort.

With a robust design, full suspension, and a powerful brushless motor, the Lafly X3 offers excellent performance on all types of terrain.

So, whether you’re looking for a relaxed and comfortable city ride or an off-road adventure in the mountains, this bike can meet your requirements.

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